Monday, October 11, 2021

The Climate Accountability Institute

The Climate Accountability Institute has been around for a while: checkout their work on the so-called 'Carbon Majors'. What they really could use is some help with their data's one of their key tables: Top-20 1965-2018 Carbon Majors

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Strava Art

Strava Art is nothing new, but fun! 

The Human Ecological Niche

Turns-out that humans (like any other species) have a preferred 'ecological' niche at ~13 deg C MAT. And, 13 deg C also turns-out to be the optimmum for economic productivity. There are a lot of issues with such statements and  Xu et al. (2020) do a good job offering context and discussion to their analysis. The figure below from the NRDC offers a nice summary.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Armored Mudballs

Everything you ever wanted to know:

NetCDF, Climate Data, and Satellite images

How to create multidimensional raster data is excellent and shows you how to handle multidimensional raster data in ArcGIS.

  • Open a NetCDF file and map / analyze it. Great for gridded climate/ocean data or GCM outputs.
  • Combine a bunch of Landsat 8 images into a multidimensional raster 'cube' - that keeps all your satellite images neatly organized and you can run your geoprocessing / raster functions on the cube as oppposed to on each raster individually. Cool!